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Avery Kowalke, MS, LPC

I grew up in Dane County and love being able to work in my community as a mental health counselor. At the end of my 7th grade school year, the teachers handed out recognitions to each student in the class and mine was for "great empathy." I'm pretty sure I didn't know what empathy was for years, but eventually realized that I have always been a sensitive, empathetic person.

Years later, I learned about the Person-Centered approach by Carl Rogers in graduate school, which encourages counselors to approach clients with "unconditional positive regard." It resonated instantly. I was inspired and thought about Carl Rogers all the way home on the city bus ride, and wrote a song about him the moment I got home! I truly care about my clients and believe that my "great empathy" and unconditional positive regard is apparent in my relationships with them.

Following my graduation from UW-Madison with an MS in Counseling Psychology in 2011, I worked in area schools as a Professional School Counselor for 8 years. This was an amazing experience that pushed me to grow immensely and helped me to appreciate the incredible task of teaching, and the intricacies of learning. I then became a Licensed Professional Counselor and started my private practice LLC in 2019, desiring to work with clients in a more focused and in-depth way. I was also fortunate to continue my learning as a Professional Counselor at Rogers Behavioral Health in 2019-2020 where I learned about CBT and DBT as an adult partial-hospitalization group therapist.

As a result of these experiences, I offer an eclectic approach to counseling including great empathy, positivity, and evidence-based practices. Thank you for reading about me. I look forward to learning about YOU! 

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