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 Skill Development & Wellness

Using a variety of approaches such as psycho-education, art, play, DBT, CBT and TF-CBT. I can help your child learn essential coping skills, social skills, and achieve their goals.

I also consult with parents about how to support this growth and encourage positive interactions in the family.

I would love to support you and your child as they build skills and strategies for wellness.

Bridge Over River


It's your time!

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor who fosters healing, learning, and transformation.

You may be interested in trying guided  mindfulness, relaxation, art, or writing exercises. I invite clients to take advantage of these activities and the unique perspective they offer.

I offer deep empathy and a peaceful presence. I have an eclectic approach to counseling, integrating a Person-Centered method with elements of art, mindfulness and self-compassion, DBT, and CBT. I look forward to hearing your story and helping you find clarity, build skills, and attain greater wellbeing!

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Counseling Services: Testimonials

Avery bonded quickly with our 6 year old son. She used play and games to help him feel comfortable and develop emotional regulation skills. He always looked forward to the games and toys in her office. Avery helped us feel more control and develop skills to help our son with his anxiety, and to recognize the strengths in our family. As a parent with an anxious child sometimes we feel helpless but Avery helped us feel more control and to problem solve. She is a talented child therapist and fabulous human who your kids will love to work with!

Sat on the Rocks

Counseling services are provided through Lake Monona Psychotherapy and Recovery Center.

Insurances accepted: GHC, Quartz, Blue Cross Blue Shield, The Alliance, WPS, and Medicare.

Insurance pay rate:  $170

Private pay rate:  $150*

*Sliding scale options are sometimes available.

Please contact me with any questions about how I can support you or your child in a journey to greater wellness!

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